The vision and mission of the Cell is all about cohesiveness, coordination and efficacy with the stress on temporal dimensions for the smooth implementation of developmental programs and projects for attaining a holistic and sustainable development of UT of Jammu & Kashmir.

Coordinate the process of planning and conducting holistic appraisals/ assessments which lead to the development of integrated program and project strategies.

Harmonize planning and collection of monitoring data required for different systems to minimize wasteful duplication of efforts.

Setup a fully functional monitoring system that will be used to plan and monitor the progress of all the developmental projects/ activities.

Review the (ATRs) reports to ensure that the projects are going on right track by reviewing the performance against targets for all activities, explaining any performance variances, identifying and addressing implementation challenges.


DC Office Reasi

DC office Complex Reasi
Location : Reasi | City : Jammu | PIN Code : 182311