Co-Operative Societies

Important Schemes of Co-operative Societies Reasi:

S.No. Initiative/ Schemes  Brief Data required Remarks
1 Registration of cooperative Societies under the Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Societies act 1989 and Registration of cooperative under Self Reliant Cooperatives Act 1999.

Registration under J&K Cooperative Societies Act 1989

1. The application should be accompanied by three copies of Bye laws of the Cooperative Society.
2. Number of applicants should not less 100 for Primary Agriculture Societies and 50 for non -Agriculture Primary Cooperative Societies.
3. The promoters should be above 18 years,
4. The application for registration should be addressed to Registrar Cooperative Societies Jammu and Kashmir.
5.Original Copy of the resolution passed by the promoters.

Registration under J&K Self Reliant Act 1999
1. The application should accompanied by three copies of Article of Association.
2. Original copy of Resolution passed by the promoters.
3.  Promoters should not be less than 11 and belonging to different families.
4. Promoters should be above the age Of 18 years .
5. Promoters list with their exact address to be attached with the draft papers.

Minimum Members required for registration of cooperative Society/Cooperatives.
    1. Agriculture Coop. Society =100.
    2. Non-Agriculture Coop. Society=50           ( under 1989 Act )
    3. For Cooperatives=11 and  above            (under 1999 Act)