Animal Husbandry

District Animal Husbandry Department  in the District is headed by Chief Animal Husbandry Officer ( Dr. Shakti Kumar Gupta) , Contact No.-01991-244288.

Historically animal rearing in Jammu and Kashmir is as ancient as we are man animal associations have continued since ages before the advent of technological revolution in the west which culminated in the development of motorized transport vehicles of various kinds, it was animals such as horses, donkeys, mules, camels, bulls and yaks etc, who provided mobility to man. In the hilly state of Jammu and Kashmir animals still continue to be an important means of various transports in the treacherous terrains.

Besides transportation the clothing, food shelter and even for tolls. The livestock continues to be useful to the people in the state even now. This animal are still the cheapest source of protein and provide many by-products like leather, wool, manure etc.