Organisation Chart


Single Line Administration

J&K government adopted the/she single line administration model in 1976 which was again revised in 1993 through government order No.2380-GD 71976, dated- 14/01/1976 pursuant to cabinet decision No. 526, dated- 07/10/1976 under this model powers of District Magistrate , Deputy Commissioner and District Development Commissioner are vested in one authority. DDC has been vested with powers of major heads of departments for all the departments in the district and is responsible for day to day functional and administrative control of all the departments.

Roles and Functions:


Deputy Commissioner has multifarious functions. As Deputy Commissioner he/she supervises maintenance of land records. He/She is sanctioning authority for relief and rehabilitation and evacuation during natural calamities are main functions of Deputy Commissioner. All appeals are heard by DC against the decisions given by Sub- ordinate authorities. As District Collector, he/she collects land revenue and arrears thereof. He/She acquires land for public purpose. In the capacity of District Magistrate, he/she is responsible for maintenance of law and order. He/She is liaison officer between civil and military. He/She is custodian of evacuee and migrant property.


A District Magistrate is the chief administrative and revenue officer of an Indian district. The Magistrate is also referred to as the Deputy Commissioner and as District Development Commissioner. A District Magistrate is appointed by the Union Territory government. Duties of District Magistrate are- maintenance of law and order, supervision of the police and jails, supervision of subordinate Executive magistracy, hearing cases under the preventive section of the Criminal Procedure Code.


District Development Commissioner formulates the plans with the assistance of District Level Officers as per guide lines and parameters set by planning and Development Department. The plan is discussed in a meeting of District Development Board members formally for incorporating the views of the Members. The District Development Commissioner has to reflect the aspirations and felt needs of all the areas in the District while formulating the District plan. The District development Commissioner has to monitor all the developmental programmes in the District