Reasi District offers great potential for production of different fruit corps because of varied agro-climatic zones. The District has privilege of producing different kinds of fruits viz Walnut, Apple, Pear, Apricot, in temperate zones while cultivation of Pecannut, Plum & Peach offer scope for cultivation in sub-temperate area whereas Mango, Citrus, Guava, Anola, Litchi, Papaya etc. are successfully grown in sub-tropical area of the district. As per preliminary estimates 8000 hect. area of land is available for further expansion under fruit crops.

 Reasi is divided into three sub-divisions i.e. Katra, Dharmari & Mahore having four Horticulture Zones viz Reasi, Pouni, Arnas & Mahore. The district has a total Geographical area of nearly 1700 sq. km. There are 12 CD Blocks and 153 Panchayats and 254 villages in the District.

There are 4 Horticulture Zones in Reasi.


Description Unit Dry Fresh Total
 Area Under Fruit Plants(2017-18) Hects 2742.00 5472.20 8214.20
Production of Fruits (2017-18) MT 6971.00 7917.06 14888.06

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