At the District Level the department of Education is headed by the Chief Education Officer who is assisted by Deputy Chief Education officer and District Education Planning Officer. The Chief Education is the Administrative head of Education Department at the District Level.

Every District Is further divided in Zones. Zonal Education Officer is the head of the educational administration in every zone. Teaching staff up to Elementary level i.e. from nursery to 8th works under his guidance and supervision. It is his dedication which determines the failure or success of the Department at Elementary level Principal is the head of the administration at the higher Secondary level whereas the Headmaster heads the school education administration at the secondary level. Every Middle school is headed by a Headmaster who is the administrative head of that institution. A senior teacher sometimes heads the Middle School if the person of Master grade is not available. Similarly every primary school is headed by a Head Teacher who is usually senior most among the staff members posted there.

Designation Contact No.
CEO Reasi 01991


ZEO Reasi 9622355573
ZEO POUNI 946932078
ZEO ARNAS 9906363924
ZEO CHASSANA 9797802064
ZEO CHINKAH 9622229923
ZEO MAHORE 9797540755
NAVODYA VIDYALA Reasi 01991-244437

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